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Where to Find Irish Lotto Results ?

The Irish lottery happens to be one of the few lotteries that provides a decent winning opportunity for individuals. Owing to the fact that you can win a prize if you get even three winning numbers, the Irish lottery is extremely winnable as compared to other lotteries. The introduction of bonus balls and numbers has also made it possible for someone to win more secondary prizes as well which would undoubtedly make you happy. Therefore, if you are among the many people who take part in the Irish lotto, here is how you can ensure that you know when you have won.

The Schedule and the Irish Lotto Results

The Irish lotto has stuck to a schedule of drawing twice a week which hasnít changed since its inception in 1988. Thatís why, you can be sure that every Wednesday and Saturday, the results will be announced. The Irish lotto results are usually announced shortly after the initial draw. During the draw, the six winning numbers are announced as well as a bonus number. People who have the winning numbers can claim their winnings.  

Where to Check If You Have Won The Irish Lotto

The best part about taking part in a lottery is seeing if you have won. Thatís why people are always anxious to see if the Irish lotto results are live. If you are wondering how and where you can check if you have won, here are some options you can go for:

- Aired Live

The Irish lotto results are usually aired live, within the hour of the final drawing of the numbers. If you are tuned in to Channel 1, RTE Ė Radio Telefis Eireann, you will probably see the Irish lotto drawing at 8 pm, every Wednesday and Saturday without fail. There, you can see the picking of the winning numbers and see if you have won.

- Websites

If you are not in Ireland or if you have missed the broadcast of the Irish lotto, you can always turn to the internet to find the results. The Irish lotto results will be available online and all you will have to do is to check your numbers and make a claim for your prize if you have the proper combination of numbers. Remember, even three matching numbers entitles you to a small prize.

Claiming Your Irish Lotto Winnings

If you happen to win the lotto, you have to claim your prize. There are two different methods you can use for this: Getting Your Winnings from the Local Area If you live in Ireland, you can usually get your winning ticket cashed from the place that sold you the ticket. For bigger cash prizes, like the jackpot or the five winning numbers, you have to contact the local post office who will then help you and direct you to the proper authorities. Getting Your Winnings Online If you are trying to collect your winnings online, you can make sure that the website whose services you are using can send the winnings to you through a money transfer, cheque or bank draft. Just make sure that you are using a credible and trustworthy website to handle your Irish lotto results for you.  



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