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There are loads of ways people choose to spend their time and the lottery is one of the more popular options, mainly because you get the thrill of winning something and dealing with the anticipation that you might be the next lucky winner. On the other hand, the popularity of the lottery has caused this well-known game to develop many different variations and it is possible to find themed lotteries.

Lotteries usually stick to the main idea of the lottery and give it a certain twist that makes the normal lottery more exciting. Among the many different variations of lotteries you can find, the Irish lottery is one of the most popular.

Similar in nature to the original lottery, the Irish lottery or the Irish lotto, as it has come to be known, has grown to become Irelandís most popular national game. The Irish lottery has grown in popularity since its introduction in 1988 when it was launched as a replacement for the Irish Hospital Sweepstakes. Since then, the game has grown in leaps and bounds and now offers a jackpot with a minimum prize of around Ä2 million for the lucky winner.

- The Grand Prize of the Game

The jackpot, with a minimum cash reward of Ä2 million, is not the only attraction that lures people to the Irish lotto. The Irish lotto is unique in that the lucky winning numbers are drawn from a total of 45 numbers. In contrast to the traditional lottery, this is a relatively smaller pool since the winning numbers are usually drawn from a total of 49 numbers. With that kind of cash reward, it is no surprise that loads of people buy tickets in order to get the right combination of numbers to win the lucky pot of gold. Since the tales of leprechauns in Ireland are restricted to legends nowadays, the Irish lotto is definitely the rainbow that the people follow to look for their pot of gold.

- Winning In More Ways Than One

The Irish lottery also offers more chances of winning prizes, including the juicy jackpot. Since lotteries follow their own variations of choosing how close a person is to winning the actual jackpot price, the Irish lotto makes it possible for people to qualify for a secondary prize even if they have just three out of the six matching numbers. Another secondary prize is offered if you have five matching numbers. Even if you donít have all the matching numbers, thereís the bonus ball as well. If your number matches with the bonus ball, you manage to win a bonus prize. If you are only interested in the jackpot though, all six of your numbers should match perfectly with the numbers on the lottery balls.

- When Does the Irish Lotto Take Place?

The Irish lotto happens in Ireland twice every week and is drawn on each Wednesday and Saturday. The results of the lotto are also available within the hour or some time shortly after the drawing. This offers the opportunity for people to win a prize on a weekly basis.


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