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5 Things You Should Know About the Irish Lotto

When people generally look at lotteries, they often think of it as a game and usually donít think about taking part in them. While it is in nature, just a game, the lottery is extremely popular and has spread to be quite common across the globe. When you look at the different kinds of lotteries available, it is evident to see why. Among the most popular is the Irish lotto and if you are wondering why it is popular, here are 5 things you should know about the Irish lotto before you dismiss it as just a game:

1. The Irish Lotto is Irelandís Most Popular National Game

While many people might dismiss lotteries, the Irish lotto happens to be the most popular game in Ireland on a national level. Loads of people purchase tickets for the lottery and hope to win the lucky numbers that offer huge cash rewards. The Irish lotto was introduced in 1988 and is still extremely popular to this day.  

2. The Irish Lotto Happens Twice a Week

Another factor behind the popularity of the Irish lotto is that it happens twice a week. The lucky winning numbers are drawn on every Wednesday and Saturday without fail. The results for it are usually available within the hour, allowing people to check their numbers and see if they have won. With the lotto happening with such regularity, it becomes possible for someone to get all six of the winning numbers and get the jackpot prize.

3. Irish Lotto Has A Minimum Jackpot of Ä2 Million

The jackpot is the prize that everyone aims to win. When all six numbers that are chosen by the participants match the six numbers that are drawn by the lotto, they get to win the jackpot which has a minimum cash prize of Ä2 million. Thatís a huge sum of money which is offered twice a week. The temptation to buy a ticket that just might have the right numbers becomes immense with such odds and itís no surprise that thousands of people take part in it.

4. Great Irish Lotto Secondary Prizes and Bonus Balls

Even if someone doesnít win the jackpot, if three or five of their numbers match with the numbers that are drawn in the Irish lotto, they qualify for a secondary prize. Even the secondary prizes have a tier system which allows a person to slowly climb their way up to bigger prizes. Bonus balls are also special numbers that are drawn other than the usual six numbers and can help participants with secondary prizes get better rewards.

5. You Donít Have To Be In Ireland to Take Play Irish Lotto

The best part about Irish lotto is that you donít have to be in Ireland to play. With the internet making everything available to you at the tip of your fingers, it is possible to participate in the Irish lotto through reputable online websites. The winnings are also transferred directly to your account in the form of a money order, cheque or bank draft. Owing to that fact, itís no surprise that the Irish lotto is so popular!



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